Dark Skies Star Gazing

We are situated in the core of the Kerry International dark skies reserve, this reserve is the only Gold tier reserve in the Northern Hemisphere and 1 of only 3 on the Planet!

The sight of the beautiful stars on a dark moonless night is breath taking allowing a closeness to nature that  is rare in this busy world, we are privileged to live in such an unspoiled environment and we would like to share this privilege with you

We are privileged that the area where we live is part of the only International Dark Skies Gold Tier area in the northern Hemisphere.

The night skies here are just amazing! The clarity and the lack of light pollution makes the skies on a dark moonless night awe inspiring.

For us it is even better as we are located in the core of the dark skies zone.  We have a large stone circle area at the end of our garden where you can sit and enjoy this beautiful scene. Or alternatively simply look out your bedroom window!

Although I am not an expert on the night skies I find looking up at the night sky a grounding and at the same time an uplifting experience.

The millions of stars in the milky way. Orion’s belt, the north star are just amazing to me with my an untrained eye. Just imagine how beautiful for someone who knows exactly what they are looking at!

But of course it is weather dependent on clear skies and little clouds. However when the skies oblige it is amazing

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