Waterville Heritage Trail

1. Butler's Monument

This limestone Celtic cross monument by sculptor A. P. Sharp and architect James Franklyn Fuller Architect, Historian, Genealogist and Novelist. Fuller was born in Nedanone near Castlecove, Co. Kerry and grew up in Glashnacree House near Sneem. His work includes The Parknasilla Hotel (Sneem), The Park Hotel (Kenmare), Ashford Castle (Mayo), Farmleigh House (Phoenix Park Dublin), Kylemore Abbey (Galway) to name but a few.

The cross was erected in 1889 by neighbours and friends of James Butler of Waterville House, (1817- 1887), who was an agent for the Hartopp estate and had been a Land Agent in Cork earlier in life. He was known as An Buitléarach óg, and was a very close friend of TJ Wilmot - the second Superintendent of the Commercial Cable Company.

2.Transatlantic Cable Landing Site

This plaque commemorates the landing point of the Commercial Cable Company's first transatlantic cables to Nova Scotia. From here the cables were laid underground to the cable station.

3. St Michaels Church

St. Michaels and All Angels Church of Ireland was constructed in 1861 and consecrated in 1866. Its Historic Graveyard is now open to visitors. A Former Church of Ireland School can be seen adjacent to the graveyard.

The church has recently gone under renovation, and there is a visitor's centre inside, open in the summer season.

4. Entrance to Cable Station

This is the main entrance to the Commercial Cable Station Company which commenced operations in 1884. Worldwide telegraphs were received and transmitted from here. At its peak Waterville was one of the largest cable stations in the world. Iveragh Terrace and later West View Terrace are Victorian era houses built for Commercial Cable Company staff and their families.

5. Longitude and Latitude Stone

In the mid to late 1800's experiments were carried out in which the telegraphic cables became part of scientific methods used in the determination of longitude. International co-operation was required, with observers at various locations. Here they recorded the transit of certain stars across the sky, followed by complicated calculations to reach a conclusion.

The Commercial Cable Company erected this stone in the 1890's to mark the Waterville station's participation in the 1892 international project with Greenwich Observatory and McGill University to determine the exact longitude of Montreal, Canada.

6. Cable Station Superintendents House

Iveragh Lodge, built 1858 as a shooting lodge, was later purchased to serve as the original Commercial Cable Company Waterville offices and Superintendent's residence. On the completion of the new office buildings (1899) Iveragh lodge remained as the Superintendent's residence until the company sold its Waterville properties in 1964. The grounds also included The Bachelor's quarters.

7. The Commercial Cable Company Waterville Offices

The old office building is also located here in the Cable Station neighborhood.

Built in 1899, designed by J. F. Fuller FSA. This building housed the offices of the Commercial Cable Company from 1899 to 1964.

8. Plaque on Exit to Cable Station

The plaque on the exit to the Cable Station neighborhood was presented by The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers to commemorate the laying of the cable across the Atlantic, and the foundation of the cable stations throughout the South Kerry area, acknowledging Waterville and its importance as an "Electrical Engineering Milestone."

9. Mick O'Dwyer Statue

Mick O'Dwyer, Waterville native, played Gaelic football with his local Waterville GAA club and was a member of the Kerry senior team from 1956 until 1974. O'Dwyer later served as manager of Kildare, Laois, Wicklow and Clare teams. However, it was as manager of the Kerry Senior Football team from 1975 until 1989 that allowed him to gain iconic status as the most successful manager of all-time.

In June 2012, this statue of Mick O'Dwyer was erected in Waterville to honour his achievements.

10. Charlie Chaplin Statue

Waterville was a favorite holiday spot of Charlie Chaplin and his family. They first visited the town in 1959 and came back every year for over ten years. .

The community has also obtained permission from the Charlie Chaplin estate to hold the annual Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival which is held each year in August.

11. Dr. Mellerick Memorial
Following the sudden death of local doctor Dr. Thomas George Millerick at the young age of 33, a committee was appointed to erect a memorial donated by local landlords. Folk legend has it that Dr. Millerick was the kindest and friendliest young doctor. He refused help to no one regardless of means or the degree or extent of a patient's infection or illness. It is also said he was especially kind to children and helped many a family survive severe times by teaching them how to harvest food from the shores, which was often not the tradition.

12. Former Coast Guard Station Cottages

The two semi-detached cottages mid-way on the waterfront promenade, are the surviving buildings of the Waterville Coast Guard Station built around 1822, when the Coast Guard was formed in Ireland.

Before this the Butler landlords had operated a coast watch service, which included a 'Watch House' beyond the Southern end of the promenade. Around 1900 the Station was moved to a new building on the hill near the Cable Station. In 1923 the new Irish Free State took over the Coast Guard service.

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